Ref.: Laudato Sii, o mi Signore!/4x/         (“Praise be to You, O my Lord!”)

1.     Yes, be praised in all your creatures
brother sun and sister moon
in the stars and in the wind,
air and fire and flowing water.

2.     For our sister mother earth,
She who feeds us and sustains us;
For her fruits, her grass, her flowers
for the mountains and the oceans

3.     Praise for those who spread forgiveness,
Those who share your peace with others,
Bearing trials and sickness bravely!
Even sister death won’t harm them.

4.     For our life is but a song,
And the reason for our singing
Is to praise you for the music;
Join the dance of Your creation.

5.     Praise to You, Father Most Holy,
Praise and thanks to You, Lord Jesus,
Praise to You, Most Holy Spirit,
Life and joy of all creation!

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